Notice Board





It is with a degree of sadness that the Leaders of the Church have agreed, with the approval of all the members, that in the current circumstances public worship and all other meetings and activities within the Church should be cancelled until further notice. We feel it is a right Biblical response to obey the advice and instructions of our Government during this pandemic.

(Romans 13 verses 1-7)


The Church will continue to support its members and the congregation in whatever way they can during this difficult time and would encourage any who need help, shopping or fellowship to make contact with the Deacons who will do their best to provide whatever help is required.

Issued: 18/03/2020









Missionary Meetings


Due to current circumstamces this meeting has been cancelled.



The next meeting has been booked for Saturday 28th March, 2020 at 3:00pm when Tim Burden will be speaking about the work of the

Middle Eastern Reformed Fellowship and a speaker from the Open Air Mission.


There will be a short break between the two speakers, when refreshments will be served with a time for questions and fellowship at the end of the meeting.